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1981.266 Immanuel Church

Miniature painting of Immanuel Episcopal Church

4-drawer bowfront chest

Chest of four drawers

Silver service

Cream pot (part of a three-piece coffee service)

Dressing stand

Dressing stand

High-back Windsor armchair


1984.31 celery vase

Celery glass or vase

1971.757.1 slop bowl

Slop bowl (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

2011.210 silver teapot


1971.1493 chocolate pot

Chocolate pot

1977.535 Smedley Windsor armchair

Bow-back Windsor armchair

Blanket chest

Blanket chest

1971.559 stand up

Tilt-top stand


Easy chair

1971.885 porringer


1971.591 side chair

Side chair

2024.18 shrub bottle

Shrub bottle

1959.3856 hanging wall box

Hanging box

Looking glass

Looking glass

2020.57 Rebekah at the Well teapot


2024.21 decanter

Decanter and stopper

Natt Dressing Stand

Dressing glass or dressing stand

1959.3681 sconce


Bow-back Windsor Chair

Bow-back Windsor armchair

1971.757.6 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

2023.90 plate



Needlework pin cushion

1971.848 oil lamp

Oil lamp

1959.3500 low stool

Low stool

1971.701 coffee pot

Coffee pot

1971.743 sponged redware

Spouted mug

1981.72 side chair

Fancy side chair (related to a set of set three, 1981.71)

Profile of George Washington Janvier

1959.3595 race horse

Race horse portrait (one of a set of six)

1958.3281 stool


1971.766 teapot




1972.166 rolling pin

Rolling pin

1971.646 washstand

Dry sink or washstand

1971.625 card table

Card table

1971.876 plate


1971.757.10 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1975.21 F D Janvier

Silhouette of Francis de Haes Janvier

2024.22 faceted-ring decanter

Decanter and stopper

2020.92 child's painted rocking chair

Child's fancy rocking chair

1971.982 AJ buckle

Buckle converted to a pin

1959.4092 beaker

Beaker (probably one of a pair)

1959.3773 easy chair

Easy chair