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1959.3809 watch box

Watch box

Needlework sampler

Needlework sampler

MP pocketbook

Mary Pennell's pocketbook

1971.757.20 plate

Plate (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1959.3793 4-slat armchair

4-slat armchair

1958.3250 chamber armchair

Chamber armchair

1971.646 washstand

Dry sink or washstand

1977.532 armchair

5-slat armchair

1959.3647 square-back Windsor armchair

Square-back Windsor armchair

1971.812 glass pitcher


1977.535 Smedley Windsor armchair

Bow-back Windsor armchair

1984.99 case bottles

Pair of case bottles

1971.757.5 tea cup opposite

Tea cup (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

Tea Table with 3 legs and tilt top

Tea table

1971.841 bowl

Bowl (one of a pair)

Map, "Delaware, from the best Authorities."

5-slat rocking armchair

5-slat rocking armchair

1971.757.3 coffee cup

Coffee cup (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1959.3761 looking glass

Looking glass

Japanese lidded jar

Lidded jar


Needlework picture

Candle box

Candle box

1971.1488 pitcher


1971.757.19 plate

Plate (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1971.612 bow-back Windsor side chair

Bow-back Windsor side chair

1971.757.15 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)



Portrait of Eleazer Mccomb

Octagonal Stand Top

Octagonal stand

1959.3730 fire bucket

Fire bucket

Stand with hinged top

1971.926 near pair candlesticks

Candlesticks (near pair)

Profile of William Robeson

Profile of William Robeson

Hanging cupboard

Hanging cupboard

1971.596 low-back Windsor

Low-back Windsor armchair

1983.119 glass pitcher



Easy chair

2004.21.1 square back Windsor

Windsor square-back side chair (one of three)

1975.28 Spray of Roses

"Spray of Roses"

Doll (one of three)

Sack-back Windsor chair

Sack-back Windsor armchair

3-Slat side chair

3-slat side chair

1971.703 teapot


Needlework sampler

2016.7 survey

Survey or plot plan

1975.21 F D Janvier

Silhouette of Francis de Haes Janvier

1971.925.1 punch cup

Punch cup (one of a set of five)

1986.13 theorem

Theorem painting