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1959.3650 box with sliding lid

Box with sliding lid

1959.3763 4-slat side chair

4-slat side chair

1971.1021 frog figurine

Frog figurine


Slant-lid desk

Dry sink

1959.3710 sampler


1959.3641 oval table

Oval table

1959.3773 easy chair

Easy chair

1958.3287 looking glass

Looking glass (one of a pair)

1971.1525 Mary Pennell Corbit

Needlework sampler

High-back Windsor armchair

High-back Windsor armchair

1971.766 teapot


1959.3679 small domed trunk

Small domed trunk

1981.23 box


2024.14 wine glass with faceted stem

Wine glass

1959.3722 Seagrave sampler


1994.74 John Golden silhouette

Silhouette of John Golden

1959.4050 Summer

"Summer." from Thomson's The Seasons (one of a set of four)

1980.99 flax wheel

Flax wheel

1971.978 flask

Flask or canteen

1959.3647 square-back Windsor armchair

Square-back Windsor armchair

Tea and coffee service

Miniature chest of three drawers

Miniature chest of three drawers

Side chair

Side chair

1977.615 beaker


1971.758 pitcher


Card table (one of a pair)

1959.3925 drop-leaf table

Drop-leaf table

1970.271 treenware bowl

Treenware bowl

Hot water urn

Hot-water urn

1971.617 looking glass

Looking glass

1971.633 shaving box open

Shaving box

1959.3592 race horse

Race horse portrait (one of a set of six)

1979.224 coffee pot

Coffee pot

1975.29 Valentine


1971.596 low-back Windsor

Low-back Windsor armchair

Dining or drop-leaf table

Dining or drop-leaf table

1971.778 box

Box and lid

Bow-back Windsor Chair

Bow-back Windsor armchair


1959.3596 race horse

Race horse portrait (one of a set of six)

1971.709 bowl


1975.26 View

"A View at Appoquinimink"

1963.163 1839 Corbit mansion plat

Survey map for Tamar Starr and William Corbit

1971.703 teapot


1977.515 sack-back Windsor

Sack-back Windsor armchair

1959.3681 sconce


1971.884 Townsend & Compton plate