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High stool

Probably New England



24 in x 15 in x 15 in (dia. of seat, 11-1/4)


Basswood* seat, red maple* legs, hickory* stretcher

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation, gift of H. Rodney Sharp

Accession Number


Condition Notes

The thick seat has shrunk almost three-quarters of an inch across the grain.  The outer olive green paint layer has delaminated from the under paint layer of white.


Ex coll. H. Rodney Sharp


Shallow rings have been turned in each leg twice above the stretchers and once near the end, perhaps marking a foot.  Each leg also has three score lines; the bottom-most marks the join of the stretchers.  Each stretcher has rings at two locations, flanking a score line at the mid-point.  The legs are socketed into the underside of the seat and nailed from the top.  The seat is a solid board, two inches thick and rounded at the top.