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1971.632 looking glass

Looking glass

1959.4051 Winter

"Winter." from Thomson's The Seasons (one of a set of four)

1971.258 spatterward

Cream pitcher and three tea cups with saucers

Tilt-top stand

Tilt-top stand

Pocket watch

1871.618 high chest on frame

High chest on frame

"The Prodigal Son Revelling with Harlots" (second in a series of four)

Dressing glass

Dressing stand or dressing glass

Side chair (one of a set of four)

1997.21 camp bed

Folding cot or camp bed

1958.3236 chair

Side chair

1971.629 desk

Slant-lid desk

1968.858 snuffer


1958.3228 tea table

Tea table

2004.22 Windsor armchair

Slat-back Windsor armchair with a tablet

1971.595 pembroke

Pembroke or breakfast table

Needlework sampler

Side chair

1979.122 mess pot

Mess pot

1978.107 Barnet sack-back

Sack-back Windsor armchair

1971.703 teapot


1958.3294 looking glass

Looking glass

High chest of drawers

High chest of drawers

Easy chair

Cherry stand


2023.86 plate

Plate (one of a pair)

1971.635 washstand

Corner washstand


Needlework pin cushion

Blanket chest

Blanket chest

1979.154 bow-back Windsor

Bow-back Windsor side chair

Tea Table with 3 legs and tilt top

Tea table

1959.3622 three-masted ship

Engraving of a three-masted ship

1971.1476 coat-of-arms


Seltzer chest

Blanket chest

"The Prodigal Son Returned to His Father" (last in a series of four)

Doll (one of three)

1971.1428 framed portrait

Photographic portrait of Daniel Corbit

1959.3592 race horse

Race horse portrait (one of a set of six)

1971.1473 flask


2011.67 child’s rocking side chair

Child’s 3-slat rocking side chair

1971.567 5-slat chair

5-slat side chair

1958.3293 piano stool

Piano stool

Signature quilt

Signature quilt

Easy chair

Easy chair

1971.590 highback Windsor

High-back Windsor armchair

1971.757.13 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

Drop-leaf table

Drop-leaf table

1959.3643 looking glass

Small looking glass