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Easy chair

1959.3793 4-slat armchair

4-slat armchair

Card Table from the Federal Period

Card table

1971.590 highback Windsor

High-back Windsor armchair

1959.3904 snuffer

Snuffer or wick trimmer

1971.926 near pair candlesticks

Candlestick (near pair)

Rredware jar


1977.595 handkerchief fragment

Washington commemorative textile fragment

1980.99 flax wheel

Flax wheel

1959.3297 easy chair

Easy chair

2011.95 mug


1971.757.4 coffee cup oppo

Coffee cup (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1971.978 flask

Flask or canteen

1959.4116 oval box

Oval box

1959.3553 sander

Sander or pounce pot

1959.3723 child's 3-slat side chair

Child’s 3-slat side chair

2007.29 plate


1971.713. sugar bowl

Lidded sugar bowl

1969.265 four-candle mold

Four-candle mold

1971.757.6 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1958.3236 chair

Side chair

Seltzer chest

Blanket chest

1971.642 lacquered stand

Tilt-top stand

Snuff box

2004.23 Chesnut child's Windsor

Child’s Windsor slat-back side chair

1971.871 plate


1959.4236 inkwell


Looking Glass

Looking glass

1959.3693 basin

Bowl or basin

1971.1242 wine glass

Wine glass (one of a pair)

2024.12 opaque and tooled wine glass

Wine glass

Elliott looking glass

Looking glass

1959.3718 Ship Wrecked Boy

“A Ship Wrecked Sailor Boy Telling His Story”

1959.3890 near pair of candlesticks

Candlestick (near pair)

1971.893 pitcher


1958.3267 Windsor

Low-back Windsor armchair

1971.725 soup tureen

Covered soup tureen

1959.3783 4-slat side chair

4-slat side chair

1959.3778 candlestick


1971.757.12 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1971.814 celery vase

Celery vase or glass (one of a pair)

1971.757.5 tea cup opposite

Tea cup (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

2024.10 tear-drop wine glass

Wine glass

Dressing stand

Dressing stand

Looking Glass

Looking glass

Profile of George Washington Janvier

1959.3614 hour glass

Hourglass or sand timer

1959.3658.5 pint cann

Pint cann (one of a set of six)