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1959.3815 3-slat side chair

3-slat side chair

1959.3802 inkwell


1959.3694 water bottle

Water bottle

1971.905 tankard


1971.913 candlestick


1971.887 pewter bowl

Bowl (one of a pair)

1971.757.4 coffee cup oppo

Coffee cup (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1971.902 flask

Flask or wine can

stand with top up


Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet

Oval drop-leaf table

Oval drop-leaf table

1983.174.5 punch cup

Punch cup (one of a set of six)

Fall-front desk and bookcase

1958.3250 chamber armchair

Chamber armchair

1977.540 corner cupboard1

Corner cupboard

1968.911 drop-leaf table

Drop-leaf table

High-back Windsor writing armchair

1971.713. sugar bowl

Lidded sugar bowl

three chest of drawers with two handles and a lock in the middle for each

Miniature chest of three drawers

1971.757.10 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

Looking Glass

Looking glass

1959.3905 octagonal tray


1971.982 AJ buckle

Buckle converted to a pin

Octagonal Stand Top

Octagonal stand

2011.95 mug


1959.3532 fire bucket

Fire bucket

Drafting set

High chest on frame

"The Prodigal Son Returned to His Father" (last in a series of four)

2020.86 bottle


1983.123.1 wine glass

Wine glass

1979.224 coffee pot

Coffee pot

1981.266 Immanuel Church

Miniature painting of Immanuel Episcopal Church

Silver service

Cream pot (part of a three-piece coffee service)

1971.777 mug


1971.579 stand



Side chair

Side chair

1959.3710 sampler


1971.924.1 punch cup

Punch cup (one of a set of four)

2016.32 milk pan

Milk pan

Small Chest

Small chest

MP pocketbook

Mary Pennell's pocketbook

Stand up


1959.3652 pitcher


1959.3596 race horse

Race horse portrait (one of a set of six)

Chest of four drawers

1977.560.1 bowl

Bowl (one of a set of eleven)