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1959.3297 easy chair

Easy chair

1959.3808 sundial open

Cased sundial

Side chair

1959.3793 4-slat armchair

4-slat armchair

1959.3504 tea table

Tea or china table

2014.1 peach medal front




1971.943 cutwork picture

Cutwork picture

1959.3761 looking glass

Looking glass

1959.4055 pr of candlesticks

Pair of candlesticks

1959.3649 4-slat armchair

4-slat armchair

Looking Glass

Looking glass

1959.4149 bowl


1971.1021 frog figurine

Frog figurine

1971.702 teapot


1971.738.1 plate

Plate ("Brecon Castle"; one of a pair)

Sack-back Windsor armchair with top extension

1959.3851 trivet


2005.501 half-round table

Half-round table

1971.889 plate


2020.57 Rebekah at the Well teapot


1959.3875 colander


1959.3904 snuffer

Snuffer or wick trimmer

1971.793 3-handled cann

Three-handled quart cann

1959.3718 Ship Wrecked Boy

“A Ship Wrecked Sailor Boy Telling His Story”

Pig pot

Flower vase

1971.1466 carpet bag

Carpet bag

1983.121 rummer


McKinly chair

Side chair

1959.3817 chest

Chest of four drawers

1971.757.16 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

1971.757.14 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

2009.59 plate

Souvenir plate

1959.3658.5 pint cann

Pint cann (one of a set of six)

Pin Top Table

Table with one drawer

1971.924.1 punch cup

Punch cup (one of a set of four)

Wooden box


1983.123.5 wine glass

Wine glass

1979.224 coffee pot

Coffee pot

Elliott looking glass

Looking glass

1971.757.10 saucer

Saucer (part of a partial tea and coffee service)

2024.25 compote


2016.32 milk pan

Milk pan

1971.872 plate


1971.258 spatterward

Cream pitcher and three tea cups with saucers

1977.560.1 bowl

Bowl (one of a set of eleven)

1971.1484 nesting cups

Set of 4 nesting cups or dishes

Blanket chest

Blanket chest