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Flax wheel

Northeastern United States

19th century


H: 35 in x L: 21 in x W: 17.75 in


Maple (turnings), oak (wheel, platform or table), iron fittings

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation

Accession Number


Condition Notes

The treadle has come detached from the legs; one upright that supports the spindle and bobbin is missing, as are the distaff and other parts.  Two of ten spokes are missing from the wheel.


Flax wheels allowed flax to be spun into linen thread.  This example suggests the appearance of this household piece of equipment, but too many parts are missing for it to be functional.  Although the wheel is mostly intact, the distaff, spindle, and bobbin, along with one of the supports are all missing.  The user would pwer the wheel by a treadle connected to the wheel's axis, but the treadle is incomplete.