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2011.73 tea caddy

Tea caddy with lid

1959.3602 USS Delaware

"The United States Ship of War Delaware"

1979.222 tea set

Tea set (teapot, sugar bowl, slop bowl, and creamer)

1977.529 stool


1971.588 card table

Card table

Splay-leg stand

One-drawer stand

Pin Top Table

Table with one drawer

2004.19.3 thimble


1971.625 card table

Card table

Wilson Warner chest

Chest of four drawers

MP pocketbook

Mary Pennell's pocketbook

1959.3945 candelabrum


1966.309 packing case

Packing case or trunk

1959.3592 race horse

Race horse portrait (one of a set of six)

1959.3505 torchere

Torchere (one of a pair)

4-slat side chair

4-slat side chair

1971.626 drop leaf table

Drop-leaf table

Portrait of Sarah Clark Corbit

Portrait of Sarah Clark Corbit

1971.639 high chest base

Base for a high chest

2011.209 silver teapot


Windsor bow-back side chair

Bow-back Windsor side chair


Side chair (one of a set of three)

Tilt-top stand

Tilt-top stand

1971.812 glass pitcher


1959.3600 print

"Capture of The Frolic By The Wasp"

Fall-front desk and bookcase

1969.266 two-candle mold

Two-candle mold

Tea table

Tea table

Hot water urn

Hot-water urn

2016.7 survey

Survey or plot plan

Signature quilt

Signature quilt

1959.3649 4-slat armchair

4-slat armchair

1971.925.1 punch cup

Punch cup (one of a set of five)

front 3/4 view with side leafs down - 4 legs

Pembroke or breakfast table

2023.86 plate

Plate (one of a pair)

1971.809 wine glass

Wine glass

1971.738.1 plate

Plate ("Brecon Castle"; one of a pair)



2014.1 peach medal front



1959.3530 se view of NY

“A South East View of the City of New York”

"The Prodigal Son Returned to His Father" (last in a series of four)

1971.775 wash basin

Wash basin

Dining table center section

1971.631 bow-back Windsor side chair

Bow-back Windsor side chair

Octagonal Stand Top

Octagonal stand

1971.882 basin


1971.743 sponged redware

Spouted mug