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Wilson Warner chest

Chest of four drawers

2004.23 Chesnut child's Windsor

Child’s Windsor slat-back side chair

Pig pot

Flower vase

1968.874 hand mirror

Hand mirror

1959.3718 Ship Wrecked Boy

“A Ship Wrecked Sailor Boy Telling His Story”

1971.702 teapot


tall chest 1793

Tall chest of drawers

1983.123.1 wine glass

Wine glass

1971.826 Mary Corbit Warner

Silhouette of Mary Corbit Warner

Easy chair

1971.827 Ann Jefferis Wilson

Silhouette of Ann Jefferis Wilson

1972.134 portable desk section

Fragment of a portable writing desk

Profile of William Robeson

Profile of William Robeson

Dining table center section

Doll (one of three)

Stand up


Tole box

Japanned or toleware box

1959.3710 sampler


1959.3679 small domed trunk

Small domed trunk

1977.540 corner cupboard1

Corner cupboard

Fancy side chair (one of a set of eight)

1959.3297 easy chair

Easy chair

High chest of drawers

High chest of drawers

Cherry stand


2023.87 plate

Plate (one of a pair)

6-slat side chair

6-slat side chair

1975.27 framed Basket of Flowers

"Basket of Flowers"

1983.122 wine glass

Wine glass

Side chair

Side chair

Fire Screen

Fire screen

Tea Table with 3 legs and tilt top

Tea table

Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet

1973.123 corn cob mold

Corn cob mold