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2004.22 Windsor armchair

Slat-back Windsor armchair with a tablet

Octagonal Stand Top

Octagonal stand

Fancy armchair

1971.656 drop-leaf table

Drop-leaf or dining table

1971.828 Capt James Jefferis

Silhouette of Capt. James Jefferis

Bow-back Windsor Chair

Bow-back Windsor armchair

Silver service

Cream pot (part of a three-piece coffee service)

1959.3622 three-masted ship

Engraving of a three-masted ship

1959.3664 hanging box

Hanging box

Profile of George Washington Janvier

Folwell School Needlework picture

Needlework picture

1971.850 Trunk


Elliott looking glass

Looking glass

2020.86 bottle


2023.3 teapot


Dining table

1959.3639 pipe box

Pipe box

1971.834 shaving bowl

Shaving bowl

1971.738.1 plate

Plate ("Brecon Castle"; one of a pair)

2015.52 side table

Two-drawer side table

1971.1479 Westtown bowl


2019.150 two sketches

Two sketches of the Lenni weathervane

1977.542 jug


James Jefferis's pocketbook

James Jefferis's pocketbook

Dressing table

Dressing table

1959.3505 torchere

Torchere (one of a pair)

2021.79 tea box

Tea box

1959.3783 4-slat side chair

4-slat side chair

1983.123.5 wine glass

Wine glass

1971.617 looking glass

Looking glass

Iron porringer


1971.579 stand


1971.644 armchair


"The Prodigal Son Returned to His Father" (last in a series of four)

2011.73 tea caddy

Tea caddy with lid

1971.809 wine glass

Wine glass

1971.1024 miniature jug or ewer

Miniature jug or ewer

Tole box

Japanned or toleware box

Easy chair

Easy chair

1975.34 Janvier looking glass

Looking glass

2020.3 Augustine Mailly

“Augustine Mailly of Lyon France”

2016.19.1 looking glass

Looking glass (one of a pair)

Coin scale and weights

2024.10 tear-drop wine glass

Wine glass

1983.106 pr of decanters

Decanter (pair)

1968.859 music rack

Music rack (fragment)

1971.703 teapot


1971.588 card table

Card table