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Odessa, Delaware



Janvier shop


27-1/2 in x 43-3/4 in x 25-1/4 in


Walnut; hard pine (bottom board)

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation

Accession Number


Condition Notes

Both rockers are replacements, and both have been made with flat, rather than curved, bottoms so that the cradle no longer rocks.  Four holes in a diamond pattern on the outside of the foot board, indicate one-time application of something.  Two additional holes in the front corners on top of the hood appear to have come from some decorative device, now removed.  Additional small nail holes along the front and side edges of the hood also indicate something was attached, perhaps a textile of some sort.


Purchased in 1960 from Mrs. W. Edward Wright.  A 3 x 5 card in the object folder states that the cradle was used by Sarah Ruth Vandergrift Woods, daughter of Abraham (1793-1872) and Sarah Janvier Vandergrift (1789-1871).


Hooded cradle designs and ornament changed little over the decades and from region to region.  They were dovetailed boxes with canted sides raised on curved rockers.  Typically, the roof of the hood was made of three thin boards.  This cradle has distinctive scalloping along the sides of the hood--the pattern of which duplicates that on another cradle at Dickinson Plantation.  That cradle has an arched foot board rather than one with opposed ogees, as here.  Both have holes cut near the hood for lifting the cradle and keeping it in balance.

The brass knobs on the sides of the hood are in an unusual place, and their placement is not symmetrical to one another.  They appear to be contemporary with the cradle and were probably used to tie something.


Norcini, “John Janvier, Sr.,” pl. V.