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Drop-leaf table

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Drop-leaf table

Northeastern United States

1930-1950 28-5/8 in x 44-1/4 in x 18-1/4 in; open, 52-1/2 in Walnut; tulip poplar (fixed side rails)

Historic Odessa Foundation, gift of H. Rodney Sharp


Ex coll. H. Rodney Sharp

The drop-leaf table has an oval top attached by screws in screw pockets cut into the rectangular frame. Two legs on opposing sides swing out on wooden hinges to support the hinged leaves.  The cabriole legs end in carved “sock” feet.  The recessed end rails of the table frame are decoratively undercut with an arch flanked by half-round shapes.

The table is made in the style of a mid-18th-century product of the Delaware Valley .  Among features indicating modern fabrication of this table, the decorative undercutting of the end rails has no known 18th century counterparts, the undersides of the top boards show no evidence of handwork in smoothing them, the iron hinges attaching the leaves are modern, and the carving style of the feet differs from 18th century examples of similar feet.  The swing rails are made of walnut.