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Sack-back Windsor armchair



36-1/2 in x 26 in x 21-1/2 in


Hickory* bow, ash* spindles, white oak* arm-rail, maple* arm supports and legs, tulip poplar* seat

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation, The David Wilson Mansion, Inc.

Accession Number


Condition Notes

The laminations at the handholds have been reglued; the pieces appear to be original.  The chair has been stripped of all paint.


Bequest of Dr. and Mrs. J. Newberry Reynolds to The David Wilson Mansion, Inc., in 1942.


This classic sack-back Windsor armchair has seven spindles in the back, which swell slightly near the bottom where they socket into the oval seat.  The mortises for the center and outer spindles do not go through the hickory hoop, but the others do.  The carved knuckle handholds are laminated along the outer edges and the underside to increase the thickness of the arm bow.  The baluster-turned legs and arm supports have long necks on the balusters, which is characteristic of Delaware Valley Windsors of this type.  Although the chair has been completely stripped of paint, very slight traces remain of what may be an original green paint deep in the turnings on the legs.