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Two-drawer drop-leaf stand or table

Probably Philadelphia



29-3/8 in x 18-1/8 in (open, 33-1/4 in) x 18 in


Mahogany; walnut (hinged flies to support the leaves), white pine (secondary wood)

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation

Accession Number


Condition Notes

The table has several repairs to veneers and to the structure.  See "Comments" below.


The table was purchased from Joan and Martin Mason, who occupied the John Zelfro Crouch House at 203 Main Street, Odessa.


The square table or stand has two full-width stacked drawers, each with two mahogany pulls.  The table frame for the drawers has hinged leaves at each side and is supported by a large columnar pillar.  The pillar stands on a square base raised on four ball feet and having incurved sides.  All of the prominent surfaces are veneered in attractively grain mahogany.  The fixed and hinged leaves have mahogany veneers on mahogany; elsewhere, the veneers are on pine. 

The table has been carefully repaired.  Repairs include mahogany patches to the veneers on the table top and leaves and to the back of the case.  The cross-piece immediately below the table frame for the drawers has been repaired and now has a thin piece of plywood between it and the table frame.  Both drawers have been stained inside and out, which is not an original treatment.  Original screws have been replaced with modern screws.