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William Vincent (working 1769-1790)


5-1/2 in x 10-1/2 in x 4-7/8 in


Silver, ivory (handle)

Credit Line

On loan to the Historic Odessa Foundation

Accession Number



Four London silver hallmarks are stamped into the outside bottom along with a "WV" maker's mark.


Ex coll. H. Hodney Sharp


The oval, straight-sided teapot has a carved ivory C shaped handle mounted in silver sockets attached to the side of the body.  A straight, tapered spout is opposite the handle.  Holes pierced in the teapot side form a strainer for tea leaves at the base of the spout.  The hinged oval lid, with an oval ivory knob attached with a silver post and disk, fits flush with the top of the teapot.  The teapot is covered with neoclassical-styled brightwork engraving.  Wreathes form prominent ovals in the center of each side, originally engraved with the expectation of adding an owner's initials in the center, although there is no evidence that an initial was ever added.  Two interwoven festoons or garlands--one thicker than the other--encircle the body between densely engraved bands at the top and bottom.  Another engraved band encircles the lid and brightwork radiates outward from the knob.  A small amount of brightwork decorates the sides at the tip of the spot.