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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



40 in x 92-3/4 in x 38 in


Mahogany; unidentified woods

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation, gift of H. Rodney Sharp

Accession Number


Condition Notes

The frame and other details of the sofa have not been examined.


Ex coll. H. Rodney Sharp


The rectangular sofa has a serpentine back of three arches, the center of which rises higher than the side.  The arms scroll outward.  The front seat rail echoes the serpentine shape of the back.  The sofa stands on four unmolded Marlborough legs in front and four square legs in back that flare backward.  Stretchers tied the legs together.

Conservation reports in the object folder references some observations of the frame when the sofa was reupholstered in the 1980s.  Woods and structure suggested departures from Philadelphia practices, but without clear descriptions and documentation.  The frame should be examined carefully to better identify this sofa.