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Portrait of Mrs. Daniel (Mary Corbit Wilson) Corbit

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Portrait of Mrs. Daniel (Mary Corbit Wilson) Corbit

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

probably c. 1847

Probably by Robert Street (1796-1865)

H: 24 in x W: 20 in Oil on canvas

Historic Odessa Foundation, The David Wilson Mansion, Inc.


The gilding on the frame has deteriorated, showing the white gesso or bole underneath.

Ex coll. Mrs. E. Tatnall (Mary Corbit) Warner

Mrs. Mary Corbit Wilson Corbit (1811-1880), daughter of David Wilson Jr. and Ann Jefferis was the mother of Mary Corbit Warner, who gave it to The David Wilson Mansion, Inc.  The sitter was also a cousin of Sarah Clark Corbit (1810-1871) and Mary Pennell Corbit (1813-1875), each of whom were orphaned daughters of Pennell and Mary Clark Corbit and grew up in the Corbit House next door to the Wilson House.  Sarah and Mary also had their portraits painted acc. nos. 2004.20 and 1991.65).  All three portraits show the sitter wearing the same mourning brooch (acc. no. 1995.45).  The portraits show each sitter in similar dress, and the paintings are executed with many similarities, indicating that they were probably done by the same artist.  They likely were made in 1847, when Mary Corbit Wilson married Daniel Corbit.

The frame of this portrait, which appears to be original to it, is very similar to the original frame that remains on Sarah Clark Corbit's portrait.