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Boot jack

Probably Northern Delaware



3-1/4 in x 18-1/4 in x 5-1/8 in


Hard pine and ash (supporting block)

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation

Accession Number



The Label of “G. W. Thomas / Antiques / Middletown, Del.” is applied to the front of the supporting block.


The boot jack was purchased by Winterthur from antiques dealer George W. Thomas of Middletown, Delaware.  Reportedly, it came from a farmhouse near Newark, Delaware.


The boot jack is made of a wood board, notched at one end, and raised by a block of wood to an incline to allow the user to stand on the low end while slipping a boot into the notch.  The pine board was re-used, as indicated by an extraneous drilled hole and several nails drive into various places.  It is unfinished, although the surfaces hqve now darkened with age and use.