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5-slat rocking armchair

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5-slat rocking armchair

1775-1840 47-3/4 in x 23-3/8 in x 30-3/4 in Maple (turned parts and slats), tulip poplar (rockers), rush (seat)

Historic Odessa Foundation, The David Wilson Mansion, Inc.


The back end of the right rocker is repaired with a new piece of wood where it likely split along the grain.  The chair has been stripped of all paint and refinished in a clear coating.  The turned posts show some worm damage, now inactive.

Bequest of Dr. and Mrs. J. Newberry Reynolds to The David Wilson Mansion, Inc., in 1942.

This 5-slat armchair has attractive ovoid finials, double undercut arms, and a decoratively turned ball-and-ring front stretcher.  The armchair appears to have been converted to a rocking chair at an early date by addition of the shaped rockers.  Chairs made as rockers initially often did not have turned feet in front—work that is less visible and which weakens the leg where the slot was cut for the rockers. Wooden pegs hold the rockers in place.