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Philadelphia region



27 in x 19-1/4 in (dia)


Mahogany (top and cleats), cherry (base)

Credit Line

Historic Odessa Foundation, The David Wilson Mansion, Inc.

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Condition Notes

See "Comments"


Bequest of Dr. and Mrs. J. Newberry Reynolds to The David Wilson Mansion, Inc., in 1942.


The tilt-top stands combines a dished top made of mahogany with a cherry base, a combination that almost certainly signals parts of different origins, creating a so-called "married" object.  The dished top, with raised molded edge, is indistinguishable from Philadelphia products and those made in the surrounding area.  The base, however, has a few a few non-urban features.  The legs are essentially of uniform thickness, rather than exhibiting thicker knees that taper into thin ankles that transition to thicker feet.  A little node or ridge lies across the top of the leg where it joins the shaft, which is not customary.  Details of the baluster turning suggest that it is not an early product (i.e., made before mid-century):  the overall shape is more elongated than bulbous, and the reel on which it stands has a blunted ring on top rather than a more disc-like turning.  Last, the ring or collar at the top of the baluster is a later feature.